Winter Tenerife holidays

Some people choose holidays according to location in the world, some choose them for the climate (whether they like it hot or cold), others choose depending on budget, and some just go for lovely surrounding and great activities nearby.

Apart from the cold maybe, whatever your criteria for choosing a holiday Tenerife will tick your boxes. In fact, thinking about it, during the winter months even those who fancy a cold climate might like to get up into the heights of Mount Teide where it has been known to snow.

Down in the lowlands though, around the coastal areas and the popular resorts and towns that are nearer to sea level, the climate is gorgeous all year round. It’s not known as the island of eternal spring for nothing, so winter breaks are perfect in Tenerife.

The big winter exodus

Every year thousands of people take part in the great British exodus, when they seek to escape the mad dash of commerce that a modern Christmas has, in so many ways, become.

Getting away to somewhere warm and exotic, like Tenerife, is perfect. Yes, they have Christmas there, so you won’t miss out completely on the festivities. But given that Spanish people make more fuss of the Three Kings celebration in early January, you can either have a lively, party Christmas with celebratory festivities, or you can let it pass you by and watch from afar.

Whichever your preference, you’ll be in good company, and it’s a great place to spend the festive days. With Christmas Eve being a big family holiday Tenerife may close down early when it comes to locally owned and run venues. Book restaurants etc early, and check up on opening and closing times as some may not open at all. In the tourist areas, this shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s opera season in December

If you thought Tenerife was all loud bars and night clubs, think again. Opera buffs will find a delightful programme of more cultural events. Also, Tenerife has quite a religious population, so choirs perform particularly around the port town of La Laguna. If you love sparkly lights and a magical atmosphere, taking a stroll around either La Laguna or La Orotava, with the picturesque cobbled streets, will warm your heart.

Tenerife is in the enviable position to tick all the boxes for why people choose particular places for their holidays. If you’re looking for the ideal holiday Tenerife is worth a peek. You won’t be disappointed.