Ways to seek out the best hotel deals in Tenerife

From TripAdvisor Tenerife hotels reviews to asking on social media, here are some suggestions on how to find your perfect hotel.

Ask your friends

Do you know anyone who’s taken a holiday in Tenerife just lately, or do your friends have friends who might have done so? One way of finding the best deals on good accommodation is to ask around.

Often, word of mouth and personal recommendation is the best advertisement you’ll get. People who have experience with the area you’re thinking of visiting can give you a first hand perspective and tell you drawbacks as well what they found to be great.

They might, for instance, have loved the hotel they were staying in, but say they wished it had been closer to the beach, or that the pool area had been a little quieter. If either of those things are also important to you, then finding a hotel that fills those two requirements will make your holiday all the more pleasurable.

Online review sites

Google TripAdvisor Tenerife hotels and you’ll get loads of returns on possible accommodations you could look into. As well as getting ideas for what hotels are available in the region of the island you’ve set your heart on, you’ll find honest opinions from people who’ve been there.

If you can’t find anyone in your personal network this is the second best way of getting impartial advice on all aspects of travel, not just hotel reviews. Of course, you should always bear in mind that the people posting the reviews have their own agendas and likes and dislikes, so you should weigh each one up against what other people have to say rather than taking each one at face value.

Also, another tip is to look at the date of the review. Some older ones might not be relevant today if the venue has been updated, renovated or changed hands to be under new management.

Social media

Search on the big social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Use relevant hashtags in your searches to see if anyone is discussing the issues you’re investigating or want to find out more about. If you don’t discover any existing conversations, post or tweet a question on your own timeline. And don’t be afraid to ask for retweets to send your question wider. The worst thing that could happen is that no one can help, in which case nothing is lost anyway and you can search elsewhere.