Visiting Mount Teide National Park

When you have saved money buying a cheap holiday to Tenerife you can afford to splash out a bit on day trips and excursions. One thing you really shouldn’t miss when visiting the island is a visit to Teide National Park. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so you know it’s going to be something special, and it doesn’t disappoint. The way the mountain, actually a volcano that last erupted in 2009 so is still considered active, rises to a pointed peak is like something out of a kids’ drawing. You just don’t see natural mountains like that often.

Mt. Teide is the highest point in Spain. It is just over two miles high, and as you can imagine not many people walk or climb all the way up it. Thankfully, there are other ways to get up there, which is good news for tourists who want to see the spectacle but don’t want to risk life and limb doing so.

Hire a car

The national park landscape is best seen from your own car if you can manage it. There is so much wonder that you’re bound to want to stop and simply admire the scenery. And, of course, take plenty of photos. It’s been compared to visiting the moon, because the lava landscape in many areas around the park are dry, arid and littered with rocks of all shapes and sizes. With it being so dry, remember to take plenty of drinking water with you. Elsewhere you’ll find pine forests which provide a complete contrast, typical of the diversity in scenery that you’ll find on Tenerife. On the way up the mountain, look out for the rock formation known as La Tarta. The layers that make it look somewhat like a cake if you use your imagination were created by successive volcanic eruptions.

Ride the cable car

A truly spectacular way to get as high a possible on the mountain without a permit is to take the cable car. You’ll be amazed by the birds eye views and breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape. Be aware that altitude sickness is a possibility due to the lower levels of oxygen, but if you’re reasonably fit the reward is a sense of stillness like you’re on the edge of the world and the most stunning views you can imagine. If you want to hike the rest of the way to the actual summit, you need a permit. You can apply for this 24 hours before you wish to climb. The person who applied for the permit must show their passport when accessing the summit trail or it will be revoked. Visitor numbers to the summit are restricted to protect the area. Please research if you want to visit so you’re not disappointed when you get there.

There’s so much to see on a cheap holiday to Tenerife that one holiday is hardly enough to do it all. If you love the outdoors, stunning scenery you’ll never forget, and you have a sense of adventure, put visiting Mount Teide at the top of your list.