Travelling Light On Cheap Holidays in Tenerife

Pack Light for Cheap Holidays in Tenerife | Cheap Holidays Tenerife
When you are saving money on cheap holidays in Tenerife, it’s a pity not to take thriftiness a bit further and see if you can save a bit more by packing light. Have you ever tried travelling with just hand luggage? It is a challenge, but one you can easily do if you think carefully about what you pack and only take what you really need.

Cheap Holidays in Tenerife? Don’t Over Pack!

Most of us over pack, taking that extra pair of shoes, and the extra dressy outfit just in case the chance to dine at a fancy restaurant crops up. Unless you know you are going to attend a formal function, however, most restaurants are relaxed in their dress code, providing you are properly covered up (no bathing suits), clean and presentable. Smart-casual is perfectly acceptable so the same outfit you would wear for city shopping would probably see you through the evening too.
With most airlines charging for hold luggage these days it is easy to rack up quite a hefty bill just because you pack more than you really need.

Choose Luggage Carefully

Airline regulations regarding the size of hand luggage vary, so leave plenty of time to check the dimensions your airline allows and the measure your carry-on bag to make sure it is within those dimensions. If not, replace it with one that is. The History of Tourism In Tenerife | Cheap Holidays Tenerife In fact, replacing bags you have have for several years is a good idea anyway. As travelling habits change and more people are realising the liberating and money-saving advantages to travelling light, so luggage manufacturers have responded with new ranges of ultra lightweight hand luggage. Look for bags with soft sides since these tend to be naturally lighter than hard shell cases. They are also more forgiving if you are trying to squeeze just one extra item in.

Choose Multi-Function Clothes

Clothes such as casual trousers with zip-off legs are great if you do a lot of walking or are visiting Mount Teide, which can get cool up on the summit. Shorts one day, long trousers the next mean you are ready for anything. Mount Teide in Tenerife - Sport in Tenerife Do you really need more than about four T-shirts and a couple of light cotton blouses? A sun dress and a skirt or two along with a pair of comfortable sandals and one pair of dressier shoes will see you through. Most of your holiday will be spent in casual clothes, so don’t be tempted to pack elaborate garments if you can help it.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum

Decant just as much moisturiser and makeup as you need. Out and about in the sun, your complexion will thank you for not wearing too much makeup during the day. Also take smaller quantities of shampoo and conditioner, and buy extra while you are on holiday. Check to see if hotels provide hairdryers and leave yours at home if they do.

We’ve put together some great ideas for beauty hacking your way through cheap holidays in Tenerife! Check it out.

The more you can save by taking cheap holidays in Tererife and minimising luggage costs, the more you have for days out and souvenirs! Yay!