Three fun facts you probably don’t know about Tenerife

For most people on their holidays Tenerife is just the place where they’ll stay for a couple of weeks, get a good tan and have a good time. There are some fascinating things about the island, though, that you probably don’t know. Here are three of them:

The Tenerife flag

Did you know it’s almost the same as Scotland’s? Chances are strong you didn’t, but if you did, do you know why? There are several possible explanations with one of the most colourful ones being because both places share a patron saint, namely St. Andrew, or San Andres as he’s known in Tenerife. The saint has also given rise to a well known local legend along with a celebration that persists in some regions to this day. Apparently the saint got drunk on local wine, and as he was sleeping it off mischievous children tied pots and pans to him so the racket when he moved kept waking him up. Local children celebrate his saint’s day by tying cans together and rattling them down the street. The custom is called Arrastre los Cacharros.

Tenerife for UFO spotting

Maybe it’s the clear skies or maybe it’s the magnetic field generated around Mount Teide, but Tenerife is supposed to be one of the best places on earth if you’re looking for a close encounter. Back in 1976 a few hundred people all witnessed the same phenomena that lasted for around 40 minutes and was seen from La Gomera, la parma and Gran Canaria as well as Tenerife. The sighting began out at sea with a yellow light in the sky that reflected off the water. When this split into two, land sightings soon followed. One witness travelling in a taxi reported being able to see into the strange hovering craft, where he could see two figures dressed in red.

Monsters in the ocean

Back in the days when people still thought the earth was flat, rumours abounded that the dark waters surrounding the Canary Islands were filled with monsters and prone to sudden storms whipped up by angry gods. Nowadays, we’re a little more enlightened, and know full well the only monsters in the water are our own little ones when they get too excited.

Next time you’re on your holidays Tenerife may have a few more surprises lying in wait for you.