Three of the best rides in Siam Park, Tenerife

Siam Park is the water park everyone want to get to when on holiday in Tenerife. Yes, kids love it (there are small versions of the main slides just for little children), but so do adults who like to play in the water and experience water slides like no others. There are 12 main attractions in the 46-acre park, so there’s bound to be one you just can’t stay away from. Here are three of the best and most popular. Tower of Power Have you got a head for heights and do you love water slides with the ultimate in excitement and adrenaline? If so, you have to try the Tower of Power. With an almost vertical drop of 28 metres before you plunge into the pool, the Tower of Power also slides you though a transparent tube that submerged in a shark tank. It may be over in seconds as you plunge from top to bottom, but it’s the slide of a lifetime and once won’t be enough. Fully supervised for safety purposes, all sunglasses and jewellery are forbidden but there are lockers available at the foot of the slide. There is a minimum height requirement of 1.4m on this ride. The Dragon There aren’t that many place on earth where you can experience zero gravity without going into space, but a ride on The Dragon is one of them. A raft ride with a difference, you and up to three companions share a raft to surf into a funnel at top speed, sliding from side to side of a gigantic tunnel 20 metres wide. You’ll gradually descent through to the tunnel and be landed safely in the pool beneath. As one of them most popular rides in Siam Park, it is fully supervised by lifeguards to keep everyone safe. There is a height restriction of 1.25m for this ride. Kinnaree As one of the park’s newest water slide attractions, it’s also one the longest, extending to 200 metres and starting 25 metres above the ground. Twisting and turning like a massive green and yellow snake, you’ll ride the wave down the slide through jungle-like vegetation and spectacular views. Exhilarating twists and turns complete the adrenaline rush, making this a ride that thrill seekers flock to. Still relatively new, having been opened in 2008, while the main attractions in the park are the water slides, those who prefer a more gentle experience on holiday in Tenerife can still enjoy the magnificent scenery and the wonderful pathways around the park.