Tenerife’s Cuisine

One of the biggest worries for people going on holiday is the food. Will you enjoy the local delicacies, or will you be able to get the traditional English that you are used to? There are many horror stories from tourists going somewhere for the first time and realising the food doesn’t agree with them or they just don’t like ‘foreign’ food. Well, we are here to put your mind at rest and inform you about Tenerife’s cuisine, and if you still can’t find anything that tempts you, fear not because the majority of restaurants on the island cater for all nationalities including the Brits. Conejo en Salmorejo (Rabbit in sauce) Rabbit may not be to everyone’s liking but this classic Canarian dish is full of flavour. The rabbit is cut into bite-sized pieces and then cooked in a sauce made from garlic, thyme, rosemary, paprika, hot peppers, bay leaves and white wine. Carne con papas (Meat and potatoes) This traditional meal is found on many menus across the island and is very similar to the stews or casseroles that you would cook at home. It is a simple ‘what you see is what you get’ dish with potatoes and cubes of beef in a savoury sauce of herbs, spices, garlic, pepper, carrots, onion, tomatoes and again white wine. Papas Arrugadas (Wrinkly potatoes) This is a staple dish for locals and tourists alike, with many preferring to choose these rather than the usual portion of chips. Known to many as either Canarian potatoes or papas bonitas, these potatoes are cooked in a saucepan with rock salt and water. Once cooked, you will see a salty crust covering them. You can have these as an accompaniment to a meal or just dip them in ali-oli or mojo sauce. There are 25 varieties of potatoes used for this dish and 18 of them come from Tenerife. Potaje de berros (Watercress soup) Potaje de berros is a great winter warmer, especially if you are visiting in the cooler months of January or February. This soup is available all year round and most of the year it’s a great vegetarian option made from mainly watercress but be careful, during the winter months there is a possibility that meat and other foods may be thrown in so check with your waiter before ordering. Vieja (Parrot fish) One of the most popular fish dishes on offer in Tenerife and the islands is Vieja. A mouth-watering, striking looking fish, generally served with traditional papas arrugadas and mojo verde. Pollo en adobo (Adeje chicken) Restaurants across Tenerife specialise in different versions of this meal. It is typically chicken legs and breast (with bone) that is marinated with a variety of herbs, including garlic, paprika and pepper, olive oil and white wine. Some restaurants offer the chicken covered in a mojo sauce, others present the chicken dry and give you a side serving of sauces like mojo rojo, mojo verde and ali oli. You can find popular restaurants that serve Adeje chicken in tourists spots as well as areas favoured by the locals.