New terminal set to be built at Tenerife South airport

New terminal for Tenerife airport
The local government has approved the development of a new terminal at Tenerife South airport. Aena, the public body that owns and runs most airports in Spain, will invest over €120 million to build it. The final amount that will be spent on the new terminal will be discussed and approved in January 2016, but once the funding for the development gets the green light holidaymakers heading on south Tenerife holidays could be arriving in a new terminal. An article on the Flight Consulting website reveals that the new terminal would be around 16,000 square metres in size and that the new development will be connected to the existing terminal. In a recent press conference, Fernando Clavijo, the President of the Canary Islands, revealed that he was grateful for the investment that is being made by Aena as they have a limit of €450 million per year to invest in airports.

New airport to increase capacity

The new terminal will help the Tenerife South airport keep up with capacity issues as holidays and breaks in Los Cristianos and other popular destinations in the south of the island continue to rise in popularity. The popularity of Tenerife as a holiday destination in general has just recently been demonstrated. A recent article on Tenerife visitor numbers found that a staggering 1.7 million visitors from the UK are expected to have holidayed on the island this year, a large increase on the 1.64 million Brits who holidayed here in 2014. Potentially one of the causes of this increase and reasons behind the plans to build a new terminal at Tenerife South airport was the news that British Airways and Iberia reintroduced full-service flights to the island this year. It has not been revealed how many extra holidaymakers the Tenerife South airport will be able to take with the new development, but the move does demonstrate the popularity of Canary Island. Image Credit: Tony Hisgett (