Making your holiday money go further

Saving up to go on holiday is the hardest part of the annual break, so it makes sense to try and stretch the budget as far as possible and make your money go further. Sometimes that means getting a little creative or being willing to forgo some of the organised activities and taking up yourself to get out and about on your own. It can actually be a rewarding thing to do, since you’ll find adventure that you’d otherwise miss if you were merely a passive attendee on a tour someone else has organised. To help you make the most of holiday spending money when on low cost holidays Tenerife has lots to do and see that costs nothing or very little. Here’s how to get the most bang for your buck. Travel Forget taxis and hire cars, buy yourself a bono ticket and save up to 50 per cent on bus fairs. The buses are modern, comfortable and run along the main routes pretty frequently. When you fancy day out from the resort, bono travel is one of the cheapest ways of getting out and about. Accommodation You’ve probably booked a hotel or apartment, but if you’re feeling adventurous you could possible extend your stay by a few days if you get creative in seeking out alternative accommodation. Single people or couples may find they can stay with locals for nothing if you seek out people who’re willing to put you up. Try doing a Google search for couch surfing, sign up and look for Tenerife locals who’re willing to open up their homes to strangers. Alternatively, look for house sitting or pet sitting opportunities if you don’t mind taking on a little responsibility while you travel. Keeping active Walking and running cost nothing. Tenerife has beautiful scenery and many walks, whether through the countryside or along coastal routes. Alternatively, look for places that allow free gym use if you prefer a more traditional workout. You may find somewhere close by that means you don’t have to pay to use their equipment. Join a fiesta Tenerife locals like to party and the island holds lots of fiestas throughout the year. Travel during one of these times and you’ll have street parties that last all night long and well into the following day, pleasing the most demanding of party animals. Even if you decide to spend some time in local bars during the fiesta, you’ll find the local beers don’t cost too much. When you’re considering low cost holidays Tenerife can seem out of reach as first sight, but there are always ways to minimise costs and spend a little less if you’re willing to be a bit creative.