A Guide To Tenerife For Seniors

Tenerife for Seniors | Cheap Holidays Tenerife
Tenerife is the perfect getaway for seniors. All year round the weather is beautifully warm and relaxing; this is, after all, the Island of Eternal Spring. With an island that has so much to offer, it’s not easy to know what trips and activities are going to be right for you. We’ve knuckled down and done the research, and now we can bring you the ultimate guide to Tenerife for Seniors.

Travelling to Tenerife for Seniors

On Tenerife, over 60s enjoy great deals on discounted travel. If you’re an EU citizen, you’ll get 20% off all bus travel and there are also discounts on the ferries that dart between the islands.

Seeing the Sights

Tenerife has more to offer than you’ll ever get around to. But be sure to reserve at least a little time to sit back and enjoy the beauty.
Teide National Park, for example, offers astonishing landscape and rare and beautiful flora. In parts, dense forest, in others, Mars-like rock faces, it’s a feast for the eyes and the imagination.

When the sun goes down

Not everyone is looking for an early night, and Tenerife has plenty to over the over 60s when it comes to nocturnal fun.
There are loads of great restaurants and cafes serving gorgeous local cuisine. Some of them offer live entertainment, with singing, music and dancing.
There is plenty of entertainment, from bingo to karaoke and comedy, especially if you’re staying in one of the wonderful coastal resorts.
For something quieter, maybe head a little inland to one of the small mountain villages. Some great family restaurants offer a peaceful, moonlit evening of wine and food.

Where to Stay in Tenerife for Seniors

It’s no secret that parts of Tenerife are notorious for late night partying and lager louts, so it’s important to make sure you’re staying in the right areas.
It’s not hard to find out where is best for you, and any good travel agent will be able to steer you to better place in Tenerife for seniors than Playa de las Americas and its surrounding party zones. Once you’ve chosen your location, there are fabulous hotels for any budget.
You really don’t have to spend much to get a gorgeous room with ocean views, especially when you’re travelling outside of peak-season.