Go self catering to stretch the budget

Anyone looking for cheap holidays to Tenerife could do worse than seek out some of the stunning self catering options. Self catering might be one way to make the budget stretch further, but its far from substandard when it comes to facilities, amenities and living accommodation.

Groups get great deals

For groups of friends planning to holiday together the cost per person for hotels can seem out of reach. On top of the cost, unless you’re able to take on a suite there’s a chance the party will be split up, making the group part of the holiday more difficult to truly enjoy. The answer is to look for cottages or villas with enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone, many of which are rented by the week regardless of how many people stay there. By splitting the cost between everyone in the party, you can often find a better deal than if you were to pay for similar amounts of space in a hotel.

Perfect for short breaks

Apartments are a great way of taking short term cheap holidays. Many are located close to beaches, offering stunning views and putting the fun of beach holidays just a short hop away. If an apartment isn’t to your taste, there are also houses with charming traditional Spanish styling and architecture. If you like being in a more central location of the town, look for town houses offered for rent by their owners. Villas are perhaps the most luxurious way to holiday in the self catering style, many of which have private pools that add a touch of Hollywood glamour. Get up in the morning and stroll in private gardens towards the pool for a wake-up swim, or gather around the pool in the evening and watch the sun go down over cocktails before heading into town to a restaurant or night club. The further inland you go the more tranquil the surroundings become, and for total peace and quiet you could look into renting in the more mountainous areas away from busy resorts.

The best time to go

Anytime of year is a good time for cheap holidays to Tenerife. Off peak times may offer better deals, and obviously the summer months are the most popular and the hottest. Winter holidays, though, also guarantee warm, pleasant weather. If you’re booking ahead now, you could consider going in February, which is carnival month in the capital of Santa Cruz.