Getting to and around Tenerife

Flights to Tenerife It’s very easy to get to Tenerife from all over Britain, with all the main airlines flying mostly direct to the island. At around 4.5 hours flight, it’s also one of the cheapest exotic locations you can get to without going on a long haul trip. It’s a little further than a quick flight to mainland Europe, but still easily manageable for even small children if you take plenty of toys and games to keep them occupied. You can get flights with Monarch Airlines from major UK airports all year round, with others including Ryanair and Easyjet to mention just two also operating budget flights from around the country. If you’re flying from London, British Airways flights from Gatwick depart around five times a week. Wherever in the country you’re located, there’s are options for a cheap holiday to Tenerife. You’ll more likely than not land at Tenerife South Airport, which is where most of the resorts are located. Transfers are available to various parts of island, and take between 15 and 30 minutes to the south and south west coasts, around 40 minutes to Los Gigantes. If you’re heading up to Puerto de la Cruz, expect the trip to take around 50 minutes, possible an hour on the bus which runs hourly. The buses to Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas departs every half an hour. If you don’t want to catch the bus, taxis are available and will cost in the region of 31 to 100 euros depending on where you’re going. Getting around the island The cheapest way to get around the island is by bus, and you’ll find them pretty punctual and very comfortable. Buses on Tenerife are operated by TITSA and are called guaguas (the locals pronounce it ‘way wah”). They run a regular service along the main roads, although the service is somewhat more infrequent once you get off the main roads. The very best way to keep the price down on a holiday to Tenerife is to travel by bus and buy a prepaid travel card known as a Bono Card. A little smaller than a credit card, it saves you 50% on journeys over 20km and 30% on shorter journeys, so it’s well worth buying if you plan on travelling mostly by local bus to get around. You can even buy one from the airport before you leave for your hotel. Alternatives include travelling by taxi or hiring a car, although both are more expensive than going on the bus. However, for personal exploring hiring a car is a good option. Many of the top car hire companies have a presence on the island including Hertz and Avis and the local hire company, Cicar. Most of the vehicles offered are just a couple of years old or younger. So there you have it. Tenerife is easy to get to and easy to get around once you’re there. If you’re planning a cheap holiday to Tenerife this year, shopping around for flights and either cheap car hire or the prepaid Bono bus travel card will ensure you never spend more than you need to.