Four ways to find cheap holidays in Tenerife

There’s more to finding a cheap holiday than simply looking at the price of a hotel. Learn to read between the lines, look for alternative short cuts and, most importantly, tailor deals to suit your own pocket.

Look for late deals

This strategy can take nerves of steel and total flexibility. On the one hand you can get great deals on hotel rooms and flights, but on the other hand there’s a chance nothing will turn up and you’ll end up staying at home. This is especially true if you’re specifically looking for cheap holidays in Tenerife. It’s slightly different story, with slightly better odds, if you’re more flexible on your destination. But with dedication, determination and plenty of time to sift through internet deals and travel agent offerings, it’s possible to shave quite a few pounds off the price of a holiday abroad.

Create your own definition of cheap

Just as one man’s treasure is another man’s junk, one person’s idea of cheap can translate into something expensive to the next person. Instead of trawling through holiday offerings as a first resort, instead determine your budget and weigh up what’s most important to make your holiday a great success. Find a compromise somewhere in the middle – for instance, maybe you’ll get a better deal on bigger rooms if you stay further away from the beach? – Then focus your search based around your findings. You’re much more likely to turn up a holiday that perfectly matches your needs and your budget than you will by random browsing or surfing.

Create your own itinerary

Could you save money on hotel accommodation if you book direct with the hotel? You won’t know if you don’t pick up the phone or fire up your email client and ask them. The worst that can happen is that they can’t offer a better price than the one you’ve seen quoted, which means you’ve nothing to lose and possible everything to gain.

Similarly, compare flight times and prices in various airports. If the cheapest airport is also the furthest away, remember to factor in travel times and costs along with possible overnight stays. The cheapest might not always be the least expensive if it incurs additional charges.

Look for online bookings

If you have a list of activities you want to include, sacrificing a little spontaneity by booking and buying entrance tickets online before you leave home can save money. Often there are special prices for online customers when compared to turning up and paying at the gate, so it’s worth a search for places like Siam Park which tend to be on everyone’s list of things to do while in Tenerife