Four tips for a great time on a cheap holiday Tenerife

Never mind what the experts are saying about an economic recovery. Maybe it’s true on a national level, but for most of us ordinary mortals it’s still important to watch the budget and not get reckless when it comes to spending.

Arguably, holidays are a necessity rather than a luxury. Everyone needs time to wind down, get away from the daily grind and just stop to smell the roses now and again. Life is short enough, and if you don’t grab chances for fun or relaxation when they come along, so much is missed.

If you can relate and are looking for a cheap holiday Tenerife may be the destination of your dreams. As part of Spain – despite being off the coast of Africa – it’s exotic enough to be a total change from the UK, but good and familiar at the same time, given that most of us are pretty familiar with mainland Spain.

Here are some ways to save money, either when you’re there, or when you’re still in the planning stage.

Holiday with a group of friends

Getting together with a group of friends or another family with kids of the same age (if you have them) can be a great way to get super accommodation at a cheaper price. Look out for holiday homes, cottages or villas. Those that are rented out by the week or night, rather than per person, work out cheaper for groups than if you were all staying in a hotel.

Self cater if you’re going alone or as a couple

Do you really need a luxury hotel? While it’s lovely to languish surrounded by the best of everything, weigh up how much it’s costing compared to how long you actually spend there. Most people like to get out and about on holiday, and if this is you a cheaper hotel room will do just as well.

Travel around cheaply

For travel on a cheap holiday Tenerife has a great bus system. Make local transport part of the adventure, buy a cheap ticket, and see the island the way the locals do. The great thing about buses is they tend to take you into areas you’d probably never find left to your own devices.

When eating out

Save money by eating off the beaten tourist track. Not only will you get a more authentic Tenerife experience in ‘local’ restaurants and bars, you’ll get to meet some of the local people too. Try to eat out only once a day. For the other meals, pack picnic lunch, shop at local supermarkets and eat at home if you’re self catering, or make sure to have breakfast before heading out if you’re staying in a resort or hotel.