Five great reasons to rent a holiday apartment

Having chosen Tenerife as your next holiday destination, the next task is to find suitable accommodation that not only provides all the space and freedom you want, but is also within budget. Cheap hotels are one option, but there are others that have advantages you may not have thought about. Private apartments can fill the gaps that hotels leave, especially for groups or families who want more privacy or personal space. Here are five great reasons why you should consider renting a holiday apartment for your next holiday. Local knowledge As well as warm sunny weather, which is one of the great reasons to holiday in Tenerife, you’re likely to have a much richer experience if you live among the locals than you will if you mingle only with fellow holidaymakers. Of course, even cheap hotels will be able to advise you on where to go and what to see, but they’re much more likely to send you to the tourist attractions, whereas a local apartment owner will know all the off the beaten track places to visit. Freedom to relax With no-one to tell you when to eat or when to leave your room, you’re free to do exactly as you please, which is just as it should be when you’re on holiday. Coordinating all the family members is hard enough at the best of times, so making things as easy and flexible as possible reduced stress levels. More private space You get more living area for your money when you rent a private apartment, or any self catering apartment than you do when book a room in cheap hotels. Even small, one-bedroom apartments at least give you a separate bedroom, living and cooking/dining areas which are yours for the duration of your holiday or organise as you please. Great for groups Short breaks, such a golfing long weekends, where you want to gather up a few friends and jet off to the sun can be expensive when separate accommodation is needed for everyone. Many larger apartments are perfectly suited to gouts of friends sharing, and can work out much cheaper than the cheapest of cheap hotels. Perfect for families Having space for little ones to run around without you worrying that they’re intruding on the privacy of other holidaymakers may be important to you. Similarly, small children can be restless at night when they’re away from familiar surroundings, and you might worry that crying will keep other hotel guests awake. Your own holiday apartment will give you the peace of mind to know that your children can just be themselves without you having to worry. You may also find that the apartment is well stocked with entertainment such as TV or DVD players, making keeping kids happy during the evening is easier, especially just before bedtime when you want them to wind down and relax for sleep.