Eating and drinking on a budget in Tenerife

When you’re taking cheap holiday in Tenerife you need some ways to stretch a slim budget and still have plenty of fun. The best way to get great accommodation on a budget is to go self catering and do all your own cooking and food buying. You can buy basic foodstuffs quite cheaply on the island if you avoid the tourist supermarkets and go where the locals go to do their shopping. We’re very familiar with Lidl stores here in Britain now, so it should be a nicely familiar sight to see one in Tenerife. Of course not all the products will be the same as the ones at home, but the quality and variety is the same. You’ll find branches and Puerto de la Cruz, Chafiras and Adjeje. When you’re in town and looking to stock up, look out for Hiper Dino, a small supermarket chain with branches all over the island. Also, look out for fresh produce in the local markets which can be some of the best places for fresh fruit and veg, as well as picking up souvenirs and gifts to bring back home. If you really don’t want to shop and cook for yourself, going all-inclusive is the next best thing. You’ll pay more upfront, but then have the comfort of knowing everything is paid for. This means more to some people than saving money on the initial cost of the holiday. They know that, providing they don’t leave the resort for drinks or meals, the money in their pocket is money to spend on fun not necessities. When eating out, and it’s likely that whatever the budget you’ll want to do this at least a couple of times, look for cheaper bars and restaurants. There are plenty of British-owned pubs that offer low prices, good food and, very often, beach views. Eating a lunchtime in local restaurants is often cheaper than eating in the evening, with the Menu del Dia offering the best way of getting a three course meal for less. You’ll find quality is just as good, except you eat while the sun shines instead of in the evening. If you just want to go out for a quiet drink, try the local beer called Dorada, that is served in many bars, particularly those used by locals rather than the tourist establishments. Eating and drinking is a big part of enjoying holiday fun and there’s no need to feel like you’re skimping just because you’re on a cheap holiday in Tenerife.