Christmas in Tenerife

Have you booked a cheap holiday in Tenerife to escape the hustle and hassle of Christmas in the UK? Thousands of us flock abroad every year around Christmas time to make the traditional festive season that bit more special, as well as to escape the work involved for those who habitually end up doing all the preparation and cooking.

And of course, swapping damp, weather torn and frozen streets for soft sand beaches and sunset cocktail has its own appeal too. A Spanish style Christmas is a little different to what we’re used to here in Britain though, so knowing what to expect in advance can save you some frustration and let you plan in advance.

The first thing to understand is that the Spanish have their main seasonal celebration in January, when it’s all long finished at home. Gifts are traditionally exchanged on the Feast of Epiphany which is January 6th and the Three Kings celebration. Shops in the run up to the Christmas as we know it are quiet, which is actually a boon is you’re planning on doing Christmas gift shopping for your party while you’re over there.

The Spanish celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day, with family get-togethers that everyone wants to be involved in. For tourists, this means hotel and restaurant staff want to be home with their families, so it’s possible meals will be scheduled earlier. If you’re planning on eating out, check well ahead of time what time your chosen restaurant is open and make sure to book. Don’t take it for granted that Spanish restaurants will operate on a UK timetable for Christmas. Of course, most of the resort areas that are aimed specifically at tourists who do celebrate a December Christmas in a big way will want to cash in, but if you’re away from the main resorts, or want to get away from them, make sure to do your homework so you’re not disappointed.

On the other side of the coin, you’ll find clubs come to life again after midnight. It’s all a bit topsy turvy compared to what we’re used to, but isn’t that the fun of being somewhere different. Again, this applies mostly to the Spanish areas, but it’s best to be aware of how the locals prefer to do things.

A cheap holiday in Tenerife for Christmas is perfect for parties and festive celebrations, and if you’re able to stay until New Year, fireworks and live music under the stars in a romantic plaza is a great way to make your resolutions.