Choosing the right holiday accomodation

Saving up to go on holiday can be really hard, especially in these days of rising prices and high fuel bills. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your holiday accommodation, and why Tenerife is such a great choice. Near enough that the flight takes just over four hours, yet far enough to be relatively exotic, you get the best of both holiday worlds. Here are some tips on choosing holiday hotels in Tenerife, bearing in mind your budget, lifestyle and what you expect to get out of your precious holiday time. Budget There’s lots of choice in Tenerife as far as accommodation goes, so whatever your budget you’ll find something that suits perfectly. Possibly the cheapest alternative is to go self-catering and rent a privately owned holiday apartment, but bear in mind that with this option you’ll only get the best out of it if you do your own shopping and prepare your own meals. If you’re likely to get fed up with cooking while you’re on holiday, you’ll end up eating out most of the time anyway which will defeat the object. Lifestyle Are you looking for a quiet break, away from bright lights and noise, or do you want to be right in the thick of the party action with plenty going on all around you whatever the time of day or night? The popular resorts of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos are lively places, with plenty of nightlife. Hotels in these resorts also tend to be vibrant, with many offering their own nightly entertainment. If you’re taking children with you, this might not be to your taste and you may want to consider going the apartment route just for the privacy of having your own front door and separate bedroom. Services and facilities Lots of the bigger hotel complexes around the popular south resorts have their own shops, although you’ll pay more here than if you do any shopping you need in the places where the local population shop. Spa services such as saunas, gym equipment or massages are an important part of the holiday relaxation and pampering routine, so if this is you you’ll want to check out what spa services the hotel you’re considering offers. Many are pretty much the same across the board, but some offer speciality treatments that are not available elsewhere. Very often, choosing accommodation comes down to compromise because you can’t afford everything you’d like in an ideal world. If you’re really having a hard time choosing, making a list of the pros and cons of the various options available at your personal price point might help you make up your mind. Whichever style of hotels in Tenerife you eventually settle on, you can be sure that the island, the people and the climate will all give you a warm welcome.