Choosing between all inclusive or self catering

Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Should you go all inclusive or catering? Both are said to be reasonably cheap choices, first because you get to choose what to eat and cook for yourself when you’re going self catering, and second because all inclusive helps you budget when you’re on holiday. Here’s are the good things about both choices, which might help you decide. All inclusive For all inclusive Tenerife has some sound advantages. The budgeting aspect means you’ve got money to freely spend on days out visiting the many attractions. You don’t have to cook at all, since all meals are prepared for you, but you may find yourself not wanting to eat all the time at the resort. On the other hand, not having to think about where or what to eat can take a lot of pressure off families. Many of the meals are buffet styles, so can be easier when feeding fussy young children as there is sure to be something in the selection that they enjoy. Also, both large and small eaters are catered for equally since you can normally eat your fill no matter how big an appetite you have. Self catering Depending on your personal preferences, self catering has its advantages too. Firstly you have control over what you eat since you can go shopping for yourself and make sure you stock up on the things your family most enjoys. The down side is the having to go shopping part. Many people want to get away from such everyday activities when they’re on holiday. You can, however, eat when you like without being restricted to hotel meal times. You can also dress how you like, although most resorts and hotels don’t have that strict a dress code, if they have one at all. You can easily pack a picnic if you’re taking a day out without feeling as though you’re missing food you’ve already paid for, and you’re free to eat out a restaurants and experiment a little too, if that’s what you want to do. Some people find all inclusive restrictive because they’re tied to the hotel, while other find they don’t need to leave the resort they booked into because everything is there. It really all boils down to preference, but we hope we’ve highlighted a few of the advantages in both options. Whether you choose self catering or all inclusive Tenerife is the perfect place for a holiday.