Building memories that last a lifetime

Does what you pay for a holiday determine whether you have a good time or not? Does paying more or less enable you to bring home more memories, or better memories? If you’re like most people, the answer is no. Getting a good deal is simply the icing on the cake, and that goes for a cheap holiday to Tenerife as much as it does for anywhere else in the world.

What we really want from holidays

Never mind the rest and relaxation and the getting away from it all. What really counts on a holiday is quality of the memories you build. Think back on holidays you’ve taken in the past and recall what stands out in your memory. Was it the price tag attached to a meal, the dish itself, the company you were with, the restaurant decor or the in-house entertainment while you were eating? I bet the price has long vanished from your mind.

How to build great memories

Have you heard of a bucket list? If you haven’t, it’s a list of things you want to do before you die. They can be big things like flying to the moon or climbing Everest, or they can be small things like learning to cook or planting a vegetable garden. One thing the bucket list items have in common, is that they’re experiences outside your everyday life. They’re thing you need to make an effort to achieve, that you know won’t just happen unless you do something.

Building magic memories for the time you spend on holiday is a bit like accomplishing things on a bucket list. If you don’t make some effort to find out what else you can do and see beyond the confines of your base resort or hotel, you’ll miss out on so many experiences that could become fond memories in years to come.

A cheap holiday to Tenerife is packed full of memory opportunities. Instead of getting a taxi or hiring a car to visit a different location, get on the local bus instead. Okay, so you won’t know where to get off and it might seem a bit like a mystery tour, but having the adventure is part of the memory building process. Some of our most vivid memories are based on things that went a bit wrong and how we got ourselves out of it.

Make your list

Tenerife is an open book when it comes to finding fun places to visit, but once you get there be prepared to dig a bit deeper. You could, for instance, ask local hotel staff where are good places to go that are off the beated tourist track. Ask about local festivals, musuems, parks or beaches. Find out what those who live there day in day out do when they’re not working. Then do those things or visit those places. You’ll get a whole new perspective of your holiday island, and come home with memories to treasure.