Explosively Beautiful: The Volcanic Sands of North Tenerife

Black Sand of North Tenerife | Cheap Holidays Tenerife
If your vision of the perfect holiday includes endless golden beaches you might come in for a little culture shock during your visit to the black beaches of north Tenerife.
We are so accustomed to yellow beaches, that the deep allure of dark volcanic sand is something of an acquired taste. But get used to the different appearance, and you will realise that the unique volcanic sands of Tenerife have qualities all of their own.

What’s the Deal With Black Sand?

Firstly, black beaches are not dirty! We were astonished to overhear one person’s reaction on first seeing the dark sands of Playa Jardin in Puerto de la Cruz, for instance, that surely their towels would get dirty.
A first impression like this is understandable, because on first glance the blackish sand does look like earth, but the truth is that the black sands of north Tenerife are no more likely make you or towels dirty than the (largely imported) yellow sands elsewhere on the island. North Tenerife Black Sand | Cheap Holidays Tenerife In fact, you will find that the heavier grains of dark sand will fall off your skin more easily than the lighter yellow grains, so you will actually stay and feel cleaner. Of course, placing wet towels on the beach will make them absorb more of the sand, so the appearance may be of dirt. But trust us, it’s just sand!
What’s more, the darker sand retains more heat than typical golden sand, which is a nice warm treat against your back whilst sunbathing!

Playa Jardin, North Tenerife

Thanks to inventiveness and creativity of architect designer Cesar Manrique, who was born on the neighbouring Canary Island of Lanzarote, the Playa Jardin (which translates as ‘garden beach’) is just one stunning example. The dark, rich sand comes together with exquisite landscaping to create a paradise environment, with both calm waters for sea bathers and gentle swimmers, and rolling waves to entertain the most demanding of surfers. All of this beauty is crowned by the striking dark sands. Playa Jardin North Tenerife | Cheap Holidays Tenerife With a cheap holiday in Tenerife you do, however, have the spare funds to base yourself in one location of the island, while indulging in the freedom to move around and experience other beaches. Tenerife is an island of diversity. If golden sands are your ideal sunbathing spot, you will find these are plentiful too, with many exotic gold sand havens situated in the south and east. Black Volcanic Rock North Tenerife | Cheap Holidays Tenerife

But give the darker sands a chance. Experience the heat-retaining properties of north Tenerife’s naturally black volcanic sand for yourself, marvel at its deceptive softness, and dare to be a little bit more adventurous. We promise you won’t regret it.