A Trip Down Memory Lane: 10 Vintage Tenerife Holiday Photos

For years now, people have loved spending their holidays in Tenerife. The island has changed so much over the years and it’s hard to imagine what it looked like before it became the hugely popular holiday destination that it is today. Everyone loves taking plenty of photos on their holiday so they can look back and reminisce about the wonderful time they had while away. In recent times you may have seen many photos in the local media of various celebrities holidaying on the beautiful island. Celebrities who have visited Tenerife include the cast of The Only Way is Essex, some Coronation Street stars and even American singer Mariah Carey. Although Tenerife hasn’t always looked like the inviting tourist attraction that it is today, it still managed to get the likes of the Beatles, Elizabeth Taylor, Agatha Christie and U2. Photos of U2 in 1991 in Santa Cruz are actually used on the their Achtung Baby album sleeve alongside photos taken at San Andres, just north of Santa Cruz. Take a look at the 10 photos below of how Tenerife used to look, before the mass building of hotels and apartments appeared. Some of these photos even include some of the celebrities mentioned enjoying their holidays.  
Interesting Images
Image Image Description
1 This photo was taken of Playa de Los Cristianos in 1963
2 The Plaza in Los Gigantes was fully built in 1960
3 A beautiful view from Guaza mountain to Las Americas in 1974
4 Photo taken from Playa de la Arena in 1970
5 Playa de las Americas 1970
6 Las Americas. The hotel near the bottom left had corner of the picture is now the Palmeras Hotel.
7 The Hotel Oasis Moreque was completed in 1968, and was possibly one the first hotels in Los Cristianos.
8 Taken in the Ten Bel holiday resort in Costa Silencio, 1970. This photo shows a gentleman photographer with a young lady in a traditional Canarian outfit.
9 In this photo you will see Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor who visited Tenerife on a regular basis. This photo of the then couple with friends was taken in the 1960’s while they were visiting Oasis Moreque Hotel in Los Cristianos. Following the death of Elizabeth Taylor, many rumours circulated including one that Las Americas’ popular nightlife spot Veronicas was named after her as it is her middle name.
Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star in Tenerife in 1963. They stayed in a German friend’s family cottage in Puerto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, John Lennon didn’t make it as he was in Barcelona at the time. It was only a few months after this photo was taken that ‘Beatlemania’ really took hold.
Make sure you keep taking photos of your holidays, one day they will become vintage and you might even spot a celebrity.