3 Tips for money saving while you travel

Taking cheap holidays to Tenerife is a great way to save money, but it’s easy to lose all the benefit of finding the best holiday prices if you don’t watch where the pennies are going on things like medical treatment and holiday expenses. Here are our top three tips for saving money before, during and after your holiday. Credit cards If you use standard credit cards while you’re on holiday overseas, you could be paying more interest than you need to, sometimes up to 3% the exchange rate that the banks themselves get. Look for a credit card that has no exchange rate fee on foreign currencies. Using credit cards at any time is a risky business if you can’t repay the amount you spend in full each month. Make sure you don’t overspend on your card though, and it’s a good way of taking care of expenses while abroad without having to carry loads of cash around. Make the most of your phone Look for free sat nav apps that don’t need an internet connection. Given the cost of roaming charges, you don’t want your phone racking up huge bills every time you want to find your way somewhere, but without a sat nav app that sits on your phone, that’s what will happen. Google maps, for instance, relies on an internet connection. You could of course use a dedicated sat nav to get yourself around, but that means carrying an extra gadget (more weight in the suitcase) and remembering to take it out with you. You’re much more likely to remember to take your phone. Make sure your EHIC is still valid. Many of them expired in 2013 and since it’s something we all tend to ‘set and forget’ its easy to get caught out without it. If the worst happens and you need medical treatment abroad, you’ll be glad you updated yours before you left. Carry it with you at all times as it shows the local hospitals that you’re entitled to the same treatment, free of charge, as the local population. Buy travel accessories before you depart Airports have a nice selection of travel accessories such as plug adaptors, neck pillows and eye mask, and they have some nice prices to go with them. You can save a small fortune if you stock up on these items before you leave home. Haunt the discount stores and pound shops to get the best value. So there you have it. Keep cheap holidays to Tenerife very cheap with savvy shopping and a bit of forethought.