Types of Vehicles That Often Need Professional Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Assistance

The right towing truck can definitely tow all kinds of vehicle, most especially if it has technically advanced superior pulling power and recovery systems. As a matter of fact, professional towing service providers can be able to rescue all kinds of automobiles even from the most difficult and complex recovery situations. The towing trucks of professional and dependable towing service providers actually benefit from wheel lifting and under reach lifting technology, which allows them to provide successful and safe heavy-duty towing service.  

In addition to that, there are also certain types of cars that when malfunctioned, really need the professional assistance of heavy-duty tow truck. Here is a brief guide to the kinds of vehicles which commonly need heavy duty tow truck assistance. 

1. Huge Trucks 

Big trucks like bobtails, big rigs, as well as garbage trucks often need proper heavy duty towing due to their immense weight. As a matter of fact, heavy duty trucks for proper towing service can be able to do the job in a proper and quick manner because of their useful wheel lift as well as under reach technology, which enable safe towing process that does not create any damage to your vehicle. Aside from that, there is even some specialized heavy-duty towing systems that let enable the possibility of moving or towing multiple vehicles all at once. 

2. Motorhomes 

We all know that motorhomes are incredibly heavy and bulky, not to mention they are somewhat strangely shaped and delicate. Aside from that, heavy duty trucks for towing can also accommodate these massive automobiles, with the use of advanced wheel lift technology as well as frame axles in order to ensure that motorhomes can be easily towed over any distance without creating any damage to it or causing stress to the tow truck itself. 

3. Busses 

Furthermore, busses are also strangely shaped as they are both very long and very heavy. Fortunately, heavy duty trucks for towing can be able to tow these certain kinds of vehicles, most especially those that have already been customized with some unique equipment, which mitigates all the potentials for ground grinding and skirting when busses are being towed over long distances. Most of the time, this process is aided by the extended specialized wheel lift technology that is present on properly designed heavy-duty trucks for towing. 

4. Sem-Tractor Trailers 

Actually, all kinds of tractor trailers, from single axle trailers to full semi tractors can be easily and properly towed by a heavy-duty tow truck with complete necessary equipment. In fact, these are industrial automobiles are put in place to the heavy-duty trucks for towing through unique and advanced hook up equipment. This is actually a very important thing since the heavy weight of these vehicles makes it very dangerous to tow, most especially when you use an equipment that is not proper for the vehicle. 

So, the next time you encounter any problem on the road and you are driving one of these vehicles, then make sure that you call a reputable and professional towing company. 

Reasons Why You Should Never Try Towing Your Own Vehicle

There are a lot of people nowadays who think they can be able to easily tow their own cars through using a hauling tow ball hitch. As a matter of fact, this is a very dangerous thing to do since it can cause severe damages to your car and may even lead to accidents on the road. Aside from that, there are many reasons why you should never try towing your own car when it’s broken down. In this article, you will be able to learn a quick guide from the experts, stating why you should never try towing your own vehicle. 

 1. Improper Towing Rating 

The towing rating is referred to as the weight amount that a vehicle can be able to tow without incurring any damage. If you are not knowledgeable about the towing rating of the tow vehicle that you want to use, then it is likely that the vehicle can get overloaded as well as damaged the moment you try to utilizing it for towing a certain type of vehicle. The damages can actually range from a wide variety of issues including heat exhausted transmissions, exploding tires, suspension damage as well as brake failure. This is the reason why you should only trust a professional and highly experienced towing service provider to carry out all the necessary towing services that you might need.   

2. Improper Towbars  

 As a matter of fact, towbars are considered as a very important equipment used in towing and each towbar has their own ratings. A lot of vehicles also use the same towbar. However, it is one hundred percent important that you utilize the proper towbar for your own type of vehicle. Actually, amateurs may attempt utilizing the wrong kind of towbar, which causes safety problems as well as potential vehicle damages. 

3. Improper Weight Levels of Tongue 

The towing vehicle’s weight that gets aided by the towing ball is the weight of the tongue. Most of the time, this has a huge effect on the vehicle’s steering. If there is too much weight, chances are you will going to have a lot of problems when steering your vehicle. It is an extremely delicate balance, which is why the towing process shouldn’t be attempted to be done unless you have the right and verified tongue weight. 

4. Improper Braking Systems  

Tow trucks also have additional physical momentum the moment they’re lugging another automobile that makes the tow truck’s brake system work much harder as well as potentially less successful.  

Now that you know the disadvantages of not properly towing your vehicle, it is really best that you only hire a professional, reputable and highly experienced towing service provider. If you choose to hire one, everything will surely be done right in a proper and fast manner. So, the next time your vehicle malfunctions on the road, make sure that you contact a reliable towing company right away. A professional towing company has the right tow truck equipped with th right tools and equipment to make sure that everything will be done right properly. 

Safety Driving Tips During Summer

Summer is considered one of the most crucial seasons to drive, aside from the dangerous winter where there is tons of snow and ice on the road. There is a lot of hazards involved in driving during summer. As a matter of fact, the towing specialist and driving safety professionals will provide you some of the most important tips and vital facts you need to know in order to remain safe on the highway. 

Keep Your Air Conditioning System on and Windows Cracked 

 In order to ensure that your car gets cooler as quick as possible, consider rolling down your windows and set to drive around for a little bit with your air conditioning unit on. This will help exit the warm air out in exchange with the cool ones. In addition to that, this will also let you to focus on your driving as you will not be disturbed by the heat any more.  

Constant Fluid Level Checking 

Ensure that your vehicle never runs out or even low on brake fluid or engine oil. Open up your car’s hood and examine all the fluid levels and the condition of the coolant reservoir tank as well. Ensuring that the coolant reservoir water tank is functioning well can help reduce the chances of car-related breakdowns or overheating. 

Turn Your Wheel Prior to Parking 

You have to ensure to turn your wheel before it is locked in place when you park. By doing so, this will make sure that the portion of the wheel which you commonly hold when you drive is not that hot when you drive that can lead to dangerous and distracted driving. 

Tire Safety Tips That Are Very Important 

One driving safety factor that is always overlooked is the tire pressure. It is actually a very critical aspect of maintain your safety on the highway. The following are some very important driving safety tips: 

1. Always Have with You a Tire Gauge Anywhere You Go 

This will allow you to know if you need to add air into your tires. Tire gauge is available at any automotive store. 

2. Carefully Choose Appropriate Tires 

You must purchase tires only if they’re the right density and size based on your car’s load carrying abilities and size. Consult with a professional and highly-skilled automotive specialist about choosing the most appropriate tires for your car. 

3. Drive Carefully and Slowly During Wet Season 

When you drive slowly, the tire tread footprint boosts up giving you enough traction. This is the reason why you must drive slowly and carefully whenever it is raining, as well as decreasing the possibilities of hydroplaning. 

 4. Measure Tire Treads 

Place a coin into the tread groove of the tire. If the coin already shows you the head, you have to change your tires. 

5. Rotate Tires 

Ensure to have your tires rotated and aligned every 6 thousand miles of driving.  

6. Check for Misalignment and Tears 

Ensure that there are no cuts, tears, misalignment or bulging in any portions of your tires and that includes all sides.